Saturday, May 19, 2012


I’m a little bit fired up. It was spurred on by gay marriage, but isn’t about it for once. It’s about bisexuality and how we cop it from both sides. I hate that in basically everything, there is ‘with us or against us’. There’ve been some rallies in my area for LGT rights, but I’m kind of worried about going to them because of my sexuality. Cause, in case you didn’t know, there’s a chunk of homosexuals who don’t like bis. They see us as having it both ways (which we kinda do, hence the ‘bi’). And they see it as being a traitor. They think we’re taking the easy way out, submitting to social pressure and ‘pretending’ or ‘choosing’ to be straight. But that just isn’t it. And it bugs me.

Hetros call me confused, homos call me a fence sitter and both call me a whore. How is this fair? Straight supporters can be at rallies and it is great. Have somebody who is a mix between the two and it’s insulting. What the asscrack?

Gender doesn’t matter. If I’m going to want you, I’m going to want you. Regardless of what is between your legs. If your personality and appearance enthrals me and makes me love you, then I’ll love you. The gender doesn’t matter when it comes to love. All it effects is: do I lick or do I suck? Do I buy condoms or do I buy extra tampons? Relationship wise, emotional connection and love wise, gender is a non-issue. Do straight and gay people fall in love with somebody based on their genitalia? … Ok, well, there are possibly some that do. But it isn’t the deciding factor for most.

Ok. I’m settled now. Just needed to…Regurgitate all the grumpy whizzing around in my head. It was stopping me from concentrating.