Saturday, October 8, 2011

Well it has been ages (once again) a really long time since I posted last. So here we go. I’m doing this cause I started getting bored with how I looked again. So I decided to do something nuts. I dyed half of my hair black. I’ve wanted half black half whatever coloured hair for a long time, but only sort of in a pipedream way. I’ve seen a few people with ‘Cruella’ style hair before, and recently saw some girl on youtube get red and black. Since my hair is already red and I’d only need to dye one half black to get a similar result, I decided “Screw it, if she can have it, I can have it.”. Soo, I did. And it looks great. I’m so stoked. I was terrified it would look bad and I did it at 3-4 in the morning, but my red hair is now 50% black, straight down the middle. Now I feel so much more versatile. I always liked having my earring or makeup different on both sides, now I have incentive do it so much more.

Anyway. Feeling all nice and fresh and interesting. So I thought I’d update as I change my looks. Photos below :)

Right side (black)

Left side (red)

Both together with a weird face because I didn't reel like smiling normally.

Change is good. Now I need to update my banner at the top. I want something better anyway.