Thursday, April 7, 2011

Greeting, all!

Not that I expect anybody to be reading this yet. Or ever. But oh well. This’ll just be a little introduction to the inner workings of me.

On the internet, I’m called Raven. Love the name, love the animal, and I used to have black hair. The hair thing has changed, but I retain the name.

I’m a 20 year old University student who is a few courses shy of completing their Bachelor of Arts. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally decided what I want to do with my life now that I’m almost a grown up. My ideal would be to be a University tutor of creative writing, while also writing for a video game magazine, and being a qualified librarian. What can I say, I have a love affair with the written word. It’ll be a long, hard road, but I really hope to achieve it one day.

I also love body modifications. Now to me, this includes, but is not limited to: piercings, scarification (though I’d never do it), tattoos, implants, dental fangs and hair dying/styling (but only the radical stuff, like dying to deep blue and shaving half of it off). Currently I have 4 piercings (two in each lobe) and plan to get more in the next few weeks, one tattoo on my wrist that is almost fully healed (tattoos are my newest love and I NEED more), and my hair is currently magenta/blood red, reaches my butt, and curly (not naturally, I’ve just discovered the rag method for curling hair). I’m putting all this here as a starting point, because I expect this list to grow by the end of the year. I like looking alternative to what’s normal, as I find this beautiful and fascinating. I believe in the ‘your body is a canvas’ theory, and I don’t want to be plain.

Other things I am passionate about is writing (hence the dream career), videogames (of which I started this blog for), drawing (which I’m not so great at. Need practise), and all things nerdy. Sci-Fi, comic books, I love it all. I love photography and am training my skills up, hopefully to one day be good enough to have a model that isn’t myself as it really limits me in what I can do, though I’ve also modelled a few times. I love costumes and dressing up, so I plan to model some more, just for the costumes. I love photography that looks like it’s from another world.

Also, hairless cats. I love those ugly, beautiful little things and when I eventually upgrade from an apartment to a house, I intend to get one. Her name shall be Gremlin.

Well, that’s about everything. I think I’ve summed myself up as much as possible. If you are reading this, I hope you enjoyed it and any future blogs I write. If not, it’s ok, won’t make you read them. They’ll mostly be about mods, videogames, and maybe the odd recipe every now and then.

Write again soon,


  1. You'd be perfect for Body of Words! We are exploring language and life, body and experience. Please stop by and consider posting!

  2. Hi, thanks for the link. I love it. Definitely something I'd love to contribute to. But I think I'll wait for more tattoos before I post, just to make it more worthwhile :) One tattoo isn't much to talk about. But I'm definitely saving this and going to follow it :) Thank you so much, again.