Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Next tattoo and a lot about Dragon Age

Booked my next tattoo for this Saturday, the 16th at 3pm. I’m really looking forward to it. This one shall be a small, gothic cross on my ankle. Starting small, working my way up. Though it’ll be hitting the bone a lot, so let’s see how good my pain threshold is. Once I start, I won’t back, but I’m interested  to see how much I can handle the pain. I think I’ll also get my next set of ear piercings on Monday. Though having to take care of a tattoo and two healing holes in my ears will be a bitch.

Anyway, this post is going to be about videogames. Dragon Age Awakening, to be specific.

First off, I love Dragon Age, both Origins and Awakening. They are fun, interesting, and visually pleasing. Not so much as some out there (Oblivion, you’re hot and you know it), but it’s good. Which makes me feel bad about the elements I disliked in this expansion, but hey, they need criticism to get it right.

Number one, it had glitches. Usually I’m ok with the odd bug, but because as far as I saw DA Origins was glitch free, these really irked me. Lagging, getting jumpy, all pisses you off when you’re used to virtually the same game which runs smooth. Though it only did it after I played the Darkspawn Chronicles (a lot during that campaign, a little in my Awakenings quest afterward). Though that can be forgiven (there were I think two others, but I forget them). The worst, the one that really made me annoyed was during a mission for some guards called ‘Law and Order’. You can work for the guards, or the smugglers. Now, being the good guy I am (in my first play through, at least), I was a good guy. So I agreed to eradicate the smugglers. Now I can’t remember when, but I stopped to talk to one of the baddies before bringing fiery justice, thanks to my rune of +10 fire damage, on them. Because I had even talked to one, after I killed them all, it registered as helping them, turning the guards cold to me and stopping any further quests from the captain. This is infuriating! I didn’t find out until over 3 hours of gameplay later, and even if I had, I’d still be pissed because it’s a crap glitch. I checked online and everybody else had the same thing. Frustrating. I’m unsure if there has been a patch to fix this available (I’d hope they did), but it is a seriously bad glitch.

The second thing that had me scowling was the lack of romantic options. You couldn’t get involved and sleep with any of the people you could recruit. In Origins there was four (well, three each play through since two were bisexual, the other two hetro), these ones you can flirt a little bit, but that’s it. Again, wouldn’t be an issue if they hadn’t been able to do it in the original.

 Guess it is like Awakening is the less impressive younger brother, since you can’t do as much stuff with it and it still has issues. But regardless of the bits that make my growl, it’s good fun. Like a brilliant string of side quests you get from a noticeboard for ‘Blight Orphans’. It is obviously some of the local drunk patrons pretending to be orphans, but the tasks they give you are hilarious and fun to do. Like getting a knife and a scarecrow and placing it outside the door of a woman they don’t like, to scare her. Though it’s sweet in the end, as they make you put some flowers on her doorstep to apologise (they couldn’t do it themselves, since she chased them off with a rake last time). And it  also gives you big decisions. Like with this big, final battle, you have the choice to stay and save a city overrun with baddies and risk the Vigil, your home, getting destroyed (unless you take the proper precautions to prepare it) and your party members you left there getting killed. I burnt the city (to kill it) instead of saving it cause I didn’t want to lose my home. It felt bad, but it’s good that this game could make me feel it for letting those people die. Though I saved before hand, so once I finish off the final bad guy behind all the bad stuff, I’ll load again and save the city, see if my Vigil can survive without me.  That’s another great thing about the Dragon Age games. Multiple saves.

Ok, well I think that’s enough for now, I’ll try to keep it short. Looking forward to the last fight. Then after that, I’ll buy Dragon age 2. The graphics are even better and I imagine the story will be too. Really exciting.

Alright, must go before I start ranting again.


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