Sunday, April 17, 2011

Second Ink -Outline-

Well, a day later and I'm finally ready to blog about my new tattoo. It took forever to finally get it started because my tattooist that day was running late on his other tattoos (was meant to be at 3.00, but didn't get to start talking about the design till 4.20. Good thing I'm patient.), so by the time we got started my adrenaline was running low, so I couldn't go another half hour for the shading. Just the outline. Anyway, here are the photos of my tattoo.
Virigin leg. Well, not inked yet at least.

The only clear photo of us I could get
I ended up waiting a total of and hour and twenty minutes for my tattoo. Trying to keep myself entertained, I started taking photos of my lovely friend, Hellen, who came to keep me company. Ended up with this happy snap, which is the only clear one and the only one where we weren't grinning like morons.

 We finally got going. I forgot to take photos during, so this is a pretty gritty still from the video I recorded. God damn it hurt on the ankle. I tried it more to the back of my leg, but it didn't look good. It was also twice as big as I inteded, but once I saw the design, I couldn't go any smaller or I'd lose the detail, of which there was a lot.
 Trying to look relaxed while in PAIN.

Owch. But worth it.
 A couple hours old and a bit swollen (though you can't tell from this), but here is my newest tatt. I'm unbelieveably happy and still quite sore at this point. But worth it. All the fine lines were painful, but worth it. And it'll look even better with shading, which will be in a few weeks.

The morning after, I'm still pretty tender (didn't help that the other half kept bumping it in our sleep), but it looks amazing. And matches with my first. I'm so very stoked and looking forward to seeing it completley finished.

The next morning, less swollen and a whole bunch prettier. They look damn good together if you ask me.

Yasmin the Raider. From Fallout New Vegas.
 This is totally seperate from the tattoo, but it's an exaple of what I want my ear to look like one day. Yes, I also draw. I like to model myself off a character I've had for a long time. Most people model characters off themselves, I do it the other way around.

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